The Telegraph Weekly World Edition

The cover they called "the greatest newspaper front page ever".

I took the helm of the Weekly World Edition, the weekly tabloid edition of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, along with its channel on the Telegraph website,, in 2009. During my time running it the paper - which like so many other print editions was shut down in April 2016 - was printed at five different print sites around the world, and distributed in 130 different countries, so it was a complex undertaking. 

As part of a root and branch overhaul of the product I led a redesign of both the paper and website and added user-generated data areas and a social media network to the latter, which took page views went from 400k a month to over 2m a month. I also launched the Expat Directory, an interactive social map which collected user-generated content from expats around the world, and attracted 20,000 registered users and £200k in commercial sponsorship from partners including British Airways, LloydsTSB International, John Lewis and Sotheby’s International Realty. In September 2011 I also launched an iPad edition of the paper, and drew up proposals for a Kindle edition.

The plan had always been to prepare the edition for sale, not just around the world, but also at home in the UK, as a competitor to The Week. When it came to the crunch, however, the business felt - probably correctly - that such a move would only cannibalise sales of the existing Saturday Telegraph and Daily iPad edition, and decided not to proceed with the UK rollout. This was a decision that ultimately meant the Weekly's demise, as the shrinking expat market - by now better served by the Internet than by a print edition - was no longer sufficient to sustain it.

It was sad but we had our moments of glory, not least producing a cover that The Atlantic and The Huffington Post deemed "the greatest newspaper front page ever". I've reproduced it above so you can judge for yourself, my slightly controversial solution to a particularly exciting press day.